Grand Commander’s Message

Sir Knights:

I would like to thank every Sir Knight for electing me to preside over our premier Grand Commandery as Right Eminent Grand Commander? I will always appreciate the confidence and support you have given me to lead the Grand Commandery to the best of my ability for the Templar year 2020-2021.

Previously, I have declared my intention was to bring change for the betterment of Grand Commandery. There are many obsolete functions, procedures and policies that need to be updated including membership concerns, better communication, ritual proficiency, and drill & tactics. Change in not always easy nor easily accepted – but it will happen. Change is necessary to continue to move forward, to exist, to survive, and to get stronger. Identifying what to change and how to implement that positive change is the hard part. The Grand Officers will develop plans to implement change and manage it for success. Most things we need to change will take time and will take more than one year. It is therefore important that our Templar leadership establish processes to make these required and needed changes.

Spiritus Gladius is my theme – translation is spirit of the sword. The phrase is encompassed around Saint Paul the Apostle. He changed and brought change to the world. He taught the first century world the Gospel of Christ and is commonly known as the father of our modern-day church – but he was not always a Christian.? On the road to Damascus, where he was going to persecute Christians, Christ appeared and spoke to him – which forever changed him. From that point forward, Paul’s life changed forever. If we learn nothing more about that point in his life and his life thereafter, it is that CHANGE can be for good and can make a difference and help us to keep the faith.

This year I will also focus attention on the Spur. It is an important symbol for Templars and part of our Templar Ritual. It reminds us to fulfill our sworn duties as a Knight Templar? It spurs us forward.

I look forward to working with you and the Grand Officers to continue to strengthen our Grand Commandery. I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts, ideas, and comments with me as you have done during my advancement in the Grand Line. It is because of your input that has led me to suggest and develop the changes that I believe we need to make. Let us continue to work together for the betterment of Grand Commandery.

Yours in Templary,

Sean Michael Tomasic, REGC