Scholarship Application

Grand Encampment of Knights Templar
of the United States of America

Educational Foundation – Pennsylvania Division

CLOSED Until Next Year 2020

2019 Application for Academic Scholarship
DUE by March 15 – Transcripts must be in by April 4, 2019

The Knights Templar of Pennsylvania are proud to offer educational assistance to persons attending colleges, universities, and technical schools who are working towards an undergraduate degree (two or four year) or technical certificate. Be advised, this scholarship is a highly competitive award.

The mission of the Knights Templar Educational Foundation – Pennsylvania Division is to consider grants for all applicants who are citizens of the United States of America and residents of Pennsylvania, without regard to age, race, religion, gender, Masonic ties, or other affiliations. These “grants” are not “grants in aid” but are open to all students regardless of their financial circumstances.

CLOSED for 2019

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Applicants must complete the on-line application by March 15, 2019. NO PAPER applications will be accepted. 

Be sure to have all your information ready to complete the application. It will take time to complete. You will need your high school information and college information, including GPA for both high school and college, high school class rank, GPA scale (i.e. based on 1.0-4.0), and 2 references.