Officers of the Grand Commandery

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Sir KnightOfficeSpecific Commanderies for Division Commanders
George H. TaylorRight Eminent Grand Commander
Ray K. SheafferVery Eminent Deputy Grand Commander
Benjamin A. BeynonEminent Grand Generalissimo
Richard F. MuthEminent Grand Capitan General
Sean M. TomasicEminent Grand Senior Warden
Mark G. MatternEminent Grand Junior Warden
A. Richard BakerEminet Grand Treasurer
Douglas M. RoweEminent Grand Recorder
A. Richard BakerAssistant to the Grand Recorder (YRIS Liason)
Henry L. Lesher, Sr, PCGrand Commandery Permanent Fund
William H. Haynes, PCGrand Commandery Permanent Fund
William D. Hartman, REPGCGrand Commandery Permanent Fund
Ronald F. Rearick, PDCGrand Commandery Endowment Fund
Donald C. Wobb, PDCGrand Commandery Endowment Fund
Albert L. Kappeler, Jr, REPGCGrand Commandery Endowment Fund
Appointed Grand Officers
Rev. Richard M. BarnerGrand Prelate
Rev. Robert A. WitmyerAssociate Grand Prelates
Lewis E. Burgett, PCAssociate Grand Prelates
Rev. Harold L. Knappenberger, JrAssociate Grand Prelates
Rev. Orville R. JonesAssociate Grand Prelates
Rev. Dr. Jerry D. BelloitAssociate Grand Prelates
Seth C. Anthony, PDCEminent Grand Standard Bearer
Mark D. GallEminent Grand Sword Bearer
Duane C. Heavner Eminent Grand Warder
James FlemmingEminent Grand Sentinel
Harry J. Smith, PDCMarshal of Grand Commandery
George W. Metz, REPGC Inspector General
Keith A. Sultzbaugh, PCHerald of Grand Commandery
Seth C. Anthony, PDCQuartermaster General
Kevin L. Colledge, PDCDeputy Inspector General
Ronald L. Barndt, PDCAide to the Grand Commander
Robert W. Bunch, Jr, PCAide to the Grand Commander
Joseph P. Tolen, PCAide to the Grand Commander
Edward W. Stenger, PDCAide to the Grand Commander
Adam J. Bernodin Sr, PDCAide to the Grand Commande
Michael S. Kasyan, PCAide to the Grand Commander
Donald SeibertAide to the Grand Commander
Albert C. Menger, III, PDCAide to the Grand Commander
Division Commanders
Sir KnightDivisionServing Commanderies
Steven P. RalstonDivision # 1:St. John’s # 4, Mary, St. Alban, Kensington-Kadosh
David A. EichelbergerDivision # 2:Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Duquesne, Charters’
Scott A. WolfertzDivision # 3:Nativity, Damascus, Mizpah
Larry D. HorathDivision # 4:Jacques DeMolay, St. Omer’s, Kedron, McKean
Terry MillardDivision # 5:Lancaster, Hermit, Centennial
Terry ReedDivision # 6:Mountain, Oriental, Huntington
Bradley V. WoodDivision # 7:Packer, Prince of Peace, Constantine, Shamokin
J. Lawrence KempDivision # 8:Lawrence, Mt. Calvary, Beaver Valley, Lorraine, Holyrood
Thomas C. HelmDivision # 9:Reading, Hugh DePayens, Allen-Beauceant, Samuel S. Yohe
Harvey J. LongDivision # 10:Trinity, Warren, Potter
Stanley E. JohnstonDivision # 11:St. John’s # 8, Pilgrim, York-Gethsemane, Continental, Gettysburg, Bethel
Dale E. KoneneDivision # 12:Mt. Olivet, Franklin
M. Elmer DayDivision # 13:Palestine, Northern, Dieu Le Veut, Savonna, Nazarene
Kenneth T. SeayDivision # 14:Crusade, Baldwin II, Lewistown