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Officers of the Grand Commandery

Congratulations to all of the Officers

Sir Knight Nicholas Vaccarello, REGC

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Sir KnightOffice
Nicholas VaccarelloRight Eminent Grand Commander
John A. Habel, JrVery Eminent Deputy Grand Commander
George H. TaylorEminent Grand Generalissimo
Ray K. SheafferEminent Grand Capitan General
Benjamin BeynonEminent Grand Senior Warden
Richard F. MuthEminent Grand Junior Warden
A. Richard BakerEminet Grand Treasurer
Douglas M. RoweEminent Grand Recorder
A. Richard BakerAssistant to the Grand Recorder (YRIS Liason)
Henry L. Lesher, Sr, PCGrand Commandery Permanent Fund
William H. Haynes, PCGrand Commandery Permanent Fund
William D. Hartman, REPGCGrand Commandery Permanent Fund
Ronald F. Rearick, PDCGrand Commnadery Endowment Fund
Donald C. Wobb, PDCGrand Commnadery Endowment Fund
Albert L. Kappeler, Jr, REPGCGrand Commnadery Endowment Fund
Appointed Grand Officers
Rev Robert A. Witmyer Grand Prelate
Wallace E. GrossettEminent Grand Standard Bearer
Richard J. FairEminent Grand Sword Bearer
Richard H. GeyerEminent Grand Warder
Robert W. Bunch, Jr., PCEminent Grand Sentinel
Division Commanders
Sir KnightDivision
Robert J. BurnsDivision # 1:
Daniel J. Price, EDCDivision # 2:
Harry J. Smith, EDCDivision # 3:
Larry D. Horath, EDCDivision # 4:
Mark G. Mattern, EDCDivision # 5:
George E. Pavlik, EDCDivision # 6:
Adam J. Bernodin, SR, EDCDivision # 7:
R. Josheph Haberlen, EDCDivision # 8:
Edwin J. FilchnerDivision # 9:
Douglas B. Olsen, Jr, EDCDivision # 10:
Stanley E. Johnston, Jr, EDCDivision # 11:
Dale E. Konen, EDCDivision # 12:
Joseph M. AsklarDivision # 13:
Kenneth T. SeayDivision # 14: